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Treasure & Relish

England's Thousand Best Houses

Jenkins, Simon


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England's Thousand Best Houses. By Simon Jenkins.

Published by Penguin Books, London, 2009. Approx size: 20cm H x 13cm W (7 ¾” H x 5" W). Paperback. Architecture / History / Miscellanious.
1046pp / illustrated with colour photography & maps.
"England's houses are a treasure trove of riches and a unique, living record of the nation's history. Simon Jenkin's acclaimed guide selects the finest homes throughout the land, from Cornwall to Cumbria, in a glorious celebration of English life.
• Ranges from famous stately homes and palaces to humble cottages and huts.
• Organised county-by-county for easy use. 
• Features a ratings system for each house.

Highlights the very best 100.”

Book condition: Brand new.









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