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The War Files of Flight Lieutenant J. Weltman

Weltman J. / RAF


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The War Files of Flight Lieutenant J. Weltman, RAF.

A unique and fascinating collection of official and personal documents that offer glimpses into the day to day world of a serving officer during WWII. J. Weltman appears to have been a teacher who was called up, or joined the RAF during the war. Many documents relate to his time in the Mediterranean area.

This a collection of over 40 documents, which include:  Tables of German Aircraft Performance & Armaments; Bills; General Correspondence; His Application for a Teachers Release in 1945; etc. Because of wartime paper shortages a number of items can be seen to have been used for other purposes  by the War office.

Condition: Overall Good. Bearing in mind the age and times the documents were used and created in. Some of the paper is very thin, perhaps tracing paper, with folds and creases. In a few cases the folds have begun to tear. Some of the typed papers are rather faint, presumably carbon copies.




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