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Hugo, Victor


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Condemned By Victor Hugo

Victor Hugo's denunciation of Capital Punishment

Translated by Patricia Roseberry

Condition - Brand New. Paperback. First published in 1829. This new translation published in 2001 by Broadwater House. 184pp.

France's greatest poet and author of Les Miserables, Victor Hugo was also a great humanitarian. That he campaigned actively against the death penalty in the early 19th century may surprise those who believe that the debate over capital punishment is of comparatively recent origin. Condemned is not only remarkable for the way the author seems to inhabit the skin of a man due to be guillotined within 24 hours but for the authentic background it provides prison conditions in France in 1828 and the workings of the French penal system.

Supplemented by historically accurate material from his period of political exile in the Channel Islands and by the true story of Charles Gueux, Condemned presents all the gruesome detail of mismanaged hanging and the brutality by the mob which turned out in force to enjoy the proceedings. Today, as much as in 1828, Condemned is essential reading.

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