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Prague Tales

Neruda, Jan


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Prague Tales. By Jan Neruda

Translated by Michael Henry Heim

Paperback. Published by Central European University Press, 1996. Approx size: 21.5cm H x 13.5cm W (8 ½”H x 5 ¼”W). 346pp.

Prague Tales is a collection of Jan Neruda’s intimate, wry, bitter-sweet stories of life among the inhabitants of the Little Quarter of nineteenth-century Prague. Though Neruda travelled widely, he found his greatest inspiration in the streets of his native city.

The tales range from moving autobiographical Week in a Quiet House and the sharp social observation of A Begger Brought to Ruin, to a richly comic sketch of Czech pub life and the story – worthy of Mark Twain – of four boys trying to bring down Austria. The Three Lilies, an account of a brief, passionate encounter on a stormy night, inspired by the Chilean poet Pablo Neruda to adopt that pen name.

These finely turned and varied vignettes established Jan Neruda as the quintessential Czech nineteenth-century realist, the Charles Dickens of Prague becoming ever more aware of itself as a Czech – rather than an Austrian – city. Prague Tales is a classic by a writer whose influence has been acknowledged by generations of Czech writers, including Ivan Klima, who has contributed an introduction to this new translation.’

 All pages present and intact. No inscriptions.

                                                                      Book condition: Very Good

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