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Derek Jarman

Charlesworth, Michael


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Derek Jarman. By Michael Charlesworth

Paperback. Published by Reaktion Books Ltd, London, 2011.  Approx size: 20cm H x 13cm W

(8”H x 5”W). 224pp. ISBN: 978-1-86189-860-9

‘Derek Jarman was one of the finest independent European filmmakers of the later twentieth century, but he was also a celebrated set designer for ballet and opera, a painter, a writer and an inspiring garden-maker and plantsman, as well as a fearless campaigner for gay rights and other social causes.

This packed exploration of Jarman’s life and works covers the entire range of his undertakings, resulting in a revealing portrait that begins with a troubled childhood and ends in an untimely death. For the first time Jarman’s paintings and writings are properly integrated with his films, demonstrating the strong connections that link so many varied areas of artistic practice. It also draws invaluable insights from Jarman’s fascinating journals, which offer glimpses into the nature of the society in which the artist lived, as well as into the creative process itself. And through the thoughts and remembrances of Jarman’s friends, we discover an activist who espoused love and friendship while campaigning for the virtues and the value of art in an often hostile and unappreciative political and social atmosphere.

This book is an accessible and thought-provoking exploration of Jarman’s creativity and legacy.’


Book condition: Brand new.

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