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Edward Weston Nudes

Edward Weston


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Edward Weston Nudes

Paperback. Published by Aperture Foundation, Inc; 1977. First edition. Approx size: 29cm H x 24.5cm W (11 ½”H x 9 ½”W). 118pp. B/W photography. ISBN: 0-89381-532-2

Edward Weston’s photographs accompanied by excerpts from his daybooks and letters with a remembrance by Charles Wilson.

‘To Weston’s eye.... the landscape of the human body was an unending revelation of forms both voluptuous and abstract. His genius as an artist lay in his ability to respond to both with equal passion’ Hilton Kramer, New York Times

‘Edward Weston understood thoughts and concepts which dwell on simple mystical levels. His work – direct and honest as it is – leaped from a deep intuition and belief in the forces beyond the apparent and factual. He accepted these forces as completely real and part of the total world of man and nature, only a small portion of which most of us experience directly... And it was Weston who accomplished more than anyone, with the possible exception of Alfred Stieglitz, to elevate photography to the status of fine-art expression.’ Ansel Adams

Book condition: Brand new.

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